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The Silent Hills _ Reviewed By: Crystal Trent Dotson

By: Derek Thompson

Reviewed By: Crystal Trent Dotson

  Peter Marlow is a drifter of sorts , who tries to keep a low profile and interact as less as possible with others, until he comes to Harlton.

After seeing a man hitting on his wife , Peter takes interest in Sally & Dan Fletcher, he soon learns from Mrs. Evelyn Jarrowby, how abusive Dan is and that Sally will never be free until he’s dead.

As time goes on Peter begins to spend more time with Sally , now he has to decide if he wants to follow his heart and kill her husband or should he keep on the same track and pack up and leave town for good.

A heartfelt story. To the point and very meaningful. Enjoyed reading this short story very much.



One Response

  1. Hi Crystal, and thanks so much for reviewing the Silent Hills. I wanted to create a powerful emotional impact and it’s great that you understood its soul.

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