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The 18th Floor – Reviewed By: Crystal Trent Dotson

By: Margie Church
Reviewed By: Crystal Trent Dotson

This is a Hot and Exotic read, The 18th Floor is exhilarating and definitely sexy.
Alexa works long hours on the 18th floor and comes home to a lonely apartment only to hear her neighbors screaming orgasm’s. Alexa wants more excitement and she finds it one morning after arriving early to work , standing in the conference room Sebastian a sexy Dom that works on her floor joins her and before they know it they are on the table naked. Sebastian helps to make Alexa’s fantasies real and gives her some extra sexual experiences. After a night on the lake ,she’s found herself open to more than she thought.
Alexa opens up to Sebastian about her abusive EX , which causes some concern in the bedroom for things Sebastian likes to do , but the Hot , Steamy , and very Pleasurable sex they share together makes their relationship stronger and more trusting.
But once Alexa realises her EX is in town , her Job and her Lover could be in danger.

This Sizzling Hot book will be hard to put down once you have opened it


One Response

  1. Thank you, Crystal. I’m glad The 18th Floor is on your keeper shelf. Watch for a sequel in 2012.

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